Self Employed Insurance – Common Questions and Some Useful Answers

By | May 5, 2023

Self employed insurance is on the rise these days.  Many people have become self-employed as the current economic crisis continues.  Health insurance is a major issue for those who do not receive coverage from a formal employer.  Those who are self-employed often have to search for individual health insurance from big companies.  Unfortunately, this means that if you and your family have pre-existing health conditions, you may be turned down.  Insurance companies that tailor their services to those who are self-employed are now more important than ever.So, what options are there for self-employed people who want to find health insurance?  The first choice is buying an individually-underwritten policy for self employed insurance on the open market.  As long as everyone needing coverage has a reasonably strong health history, it’s simply a matter of finding the most suitable policy: one which offers a good combination of benefits and costs less than the competition.It is key to choose a plan with adequate benefits to protect both your family and your assets.  Believe it or not, most bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by unexpected health emergencies combined with inadequate protection.  For example, a self-employed man without insurance is driving to his son’s soccer game when his foot slips off the break and he rams into another person at a traffic light.  This poor man suffers a case of whiplash and has to be taken to the hospital for his neck.  Who is going to pay for his hospital bills?  An emergency room visit can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.  Who is going to pay for the other victim?  Who will pay for the damage to the automobiles?  That is why you should have self employed insurance.One may ask if there are any other ways for the self-employed to obtain insurance.  A spouse will often work at a formal job in order to receive health insurance and other benefits.  Additionally, a number of states in the U.S. have created health insurance state policies which provide individuals and families with pre-existing medical conditions to buy a special state-sponsored health insurance plan.  However, these state plans are almost always less than top-notch in quality and coverage.  Many states have plans that are underfunded or poorly planned and do not offer a solid alternative to the majority of self-employed people.  Again, the importance of companies that offer self employed insurance plans cannot be ignored.  Check out our site to find out more about self employed insurance.